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5 Ways to Beat the Heat

With this heatwave taking over the Hudson Valley, everyone is looking for ways to stay cool both inside and out. Here are five tips to cool down for you and your family!

1. Serve up some frozen treats

Make some homemade “nice” cream for your family- which is a combination of your favorite fruits blended and frozen to create a healthier version of ice cream. Freeze watermelon chunks for a refreshing treat. Allow your kids to create their own popsicles by freezing their juice.

2. Stay in the AC

Make sure you avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day, which is between noon and 4pm. If you do need to be outside, stay in shaded, cooler areas and head back inside to air conditioning as soon as possible.

3. Visit one of our local pools or beaches

Albany County: Lower Lincoln Park Pool, Elm Avenue Pool Complex
Columbia County: Crellin Community Park Beach
Dutchess County: Spratt Park Pool, Pulaski Park Pool
Orange County: Thomas P. Morahan Waterfront Park Beach, Maple Hill Swimming Pool, War Veterans Memorial Pool
Rockland County: Germonds Park Pool, Lake Nanuet Pool, Congers Pool
Ulster County: Kingston Point Beach, Saugerties Village Beach, Ulster County Pool Complex, Neversink Swimming Pool
Westchester County: Croton Point Park Beach, Glen Island Beach, Playland Beach, Playland Pool, Saxon Woods Pool, Sprain Ridge Pool, The Brook at Tibbetts Brook Park, Wilson’s Waves Pool

4. Wear light layers of clothing

Wear thin, loose, and light colored clothing so you don’t overheat. Avoid wearing dark colors that attract the heat.

5. Stay hydrated

Keep drinking water throughout the day. It can be easy to forget to drink it, but once you feel thirsty that’s a sign you may already be facing dehydration.

Here’s to staying cool in the summer heat!