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The Most Photogenic Places in the Hudson Valley

Looking for a great place to explore and take pictures? Here are five places across the Hudson Valley that are as photogenic as they are interesting tourist spots to visit.

Storm King Art Center

Ralph Ogden and Peter Stern put together this open-air museum by combining their interests in landscape and sculptures. You can also take a walking tour at night for great pictures at sunset.


Mohonk Mountain House and Preserve

The Mohonk Lake, Lemon Squeeze hike, and ice skating rink are all popular spots to take pictures here. The mountain house itself is also a beautiful spot for pictures, as well as the nature preserve.


Mount Beacon

The summit at Mount Beacon is a popular tourist destination found after a 1.5 mile walk along the trail. The mountain is cared for by a restoration society to maintain its beauty.


Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Minnewaska is a known destination for hiking, biking, and running but also contains beautiful waterfalls and cliffs.


Vanderbilt Mansion

One of the oldest Hudson River Estates, the Vanderbilt Mansion is almost a time capsule of the nineteenth century. Take a tour and plenty of pictures of the mansion’s beautiful architecture and grounds.